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Hi! I'm Dr. Shankar.
I help immigrants unlock their full potential 
at work and life through authentic 
expression grounded in their cultural identity.

Because your future is too precious to leave to mere chance.

Helping individuals and multinational organizations develop talent in multicultural teams to achieve realistic, sustainable, transformational success through qualified, experienced, culturally sensitive coaching.

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If any of this resonates with you

I feel...

I'd like...

But I ...

If I could...

my career is at a standstill and I need help moving forward.

to engage in creative and meaningfully productive work.

fear I'll fail. I feel like an imposter. I don't know where to start... 

gain clarity on what success feels like. Figure out the next steps... 

Here's how I can help you: learn, grow, connect

If any of this resonates with you

I feel...

I'd like...

But I ...

If I could...

I'd like to find my moorings as I adjust to my new role.

to succeed right away in this new position and not flounder.

feel there is so much that is new. I don't know where to start... 

gain clarity on what success feels like. Figure out the next steps... 

Here's how I can help you: learn, grow, connect

If any of this resonates with you

I feel...

I'd like...

But I ...

If I could...

my team is not aligned.

to have everyone moving in the same direction with purpose.

need some reflective conversations to get there...

talk to a trusted professional with team-building experience...

Here's how I can help you:

learn, grow, connect

About Me

About me

I've always loved learning. I like getting deep into the heart of things. To me the human being is the most fascinating subject of study. I am curious about people and I enjoy working with others. My passion in helping highly qualified professionals succeed, both individually and in teams, informs my coaching practice.


I spent over 20 years as a professor of mechanical engineering at well-known research 

universities teaching graduate and undergraduate students. I gained considerable 

coaching experience in academia where I advised doctoral students, and mentored 

postdoctoral researchers and junior faculty members. My educational background uniquely positions me to coach professionals in science, technology, and engineering to achieve real results: such as enabling high-potential hires make successful role transitions from technical to executive roles, or launching life-changing career transitions. 


My coaching process is designed using decades of pedagogical training. I leverage my leadership experience as a center director to bring credible technical team-building experience to improve the performance of global teams navigating cross-cultural issues.


From my own personal experience I am convinced that individual, team, and organizational success are rooted in everyone’s harmonious self-fulfillment in work and life. My unique Grow with the Flow approach to coaching clients combines science-based, state-of-the-art coaching process based on the Columbia coaching model with timeless wisdom from Eastern philosophy.  

Education & Training




My Unique Coaching Model.
Grow with the Flow!

My coaching approach combines Columbia University's evidence-based coaching process, which draws on latest findings from the science of human performance, neuroscience, and adult learning, with my insights into yoga derived from my decades-long personal practice. Together these enable me to provide you a truly transformative coaching experience.

By co-creating an atmosphere that encourages deep insights through powerful reflective questioning, we will navigate your journey of learning and change to rapidly achieve your goals. By regularly checking for alignment with your goals in your organizational context, we will ensure that your growth process flows in tune with your environment, thereby ensuring long-term satisfaction and self-fulfillment.


My Services.

For Individuals

I offer bi-weekly video coaching sessions in packages ranging from three months to a year. Each coaching package comprises context assessment, content reflection leading to a developmental plan, and follow-up support. I offer a free 30 minute discovery call to learn more about what coaching with me will look like.

For Business Organizations

For coaching contracted through businesses I strive to align the goals of all stakeholders, including the client being coached and the sponsoring organization. Therefore, these engagements are customized and structured differently from those for individuals. I offer quarterly, half-yearly, and annual packages.  Please contact me to discuss the terms of engagement and the contract. 

Marissa Zalk,

Columbia University

"Through empathy and focused presence, Shankar creates a safe space for clients to engage in self-exploration and to thoughtfully pursue growth. He is wise, authentic, and warm. I immediately felt seen and understood by Shankar, and my work with him was transformative. "
Matt K.
Healthcare Executive
"Shankar is thoughtful and insightful as a coach. He is someone who asks good questions and is able to get to the heart of the matter to help his clients make forward progress.  He is a valuable resource to any leader looking to improve their performance."  

Nikil Selvam, 

Consultant & Coach

"Shankar is a highly relational coach. His kindness and warmth allow him to meet clients where they are and partner with them as they pursue fulfillment at work and beyond. Shankar listens intently, asks thoughtful questions, and integrates knowledge from diverse coaching disciplines such as neuroscience and Eastern philosophy to create an invaluable experience where clients pursue and achieve their deepest goals."
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