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Unlocking Excellence through Ancient Wisdom

A workshop on inner spiritual practice that leads to success and satisfaction in life through Dr. Shankar’s Grow with the Flow approach

Subramaniam, Shankar-least.jpeg
Subramaniam, Shankar-least.jpeg


Presented by Dr. Shankar,
President, Dr. Shankar Coaching & 
Consulting LLC

Dr. Shankar holds a PhD from Cornell University and has published numerous journal papers and a book. He has also spent a good part of his life studying, practicing, and teaching yoga, vedAnta, and tantra from original texts. He is trained in executive coaching through the Columbia Coaching Certification Program. His Grow with the Flow approach combines the scientific rigor of 25 years in academia as a faculty member in engineering, and modern executive coaching techniques, with mystical insights from yoga practice to bring a uniquely holistic approach for today’s seekers. He is also a purple belt in taekwondo and a performing guitarist.

Workshop Description
Fees: $100 (regular), $50 (student), $20 (need-based scholarship)


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